Is Donald Trump an Ally of Israel?

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A number of industry experts have the opinion that it is reelection which is on Donald Trump’s mind, and not Israel.

When Benjamin Netanyahu was at the White House on March 25th this year, he expressed to President Trump that Israel has been blessed to have a number of friends who have sat at the Oval Office. Mr. Netanyahu went on to express that Israel has never had a friend better than Donald Trump.

President Trump too has professed friendship to Israel on numerous occasions. He said that if he is re-elected, Israel will have a true friend in the White House.

Recent developments have introduced an element of hollowness in the relationship. Trump reversed Netanyahu government’s decision to open Israel’s borders to Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, two Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a tweet to Netanyahu, Trump expressed that it shows weakness if the two democrats are allowed to visit Israel. They harbor a hatred for Jews and Israel, and nothing can make them change their minds.

Another development in the field is the move that relocated US embassy to Jerusalem. The move has come across some criticism, but these have been muted. This is good from Israel’s perspective.

Similarly, Sen. Bernie Sanders, a presidential hopeful had stated in a town hall meeting that US gives a whole lot of funds to Israel. The money should be leveraged to end the racism that has recently been seen in Israel.

The 2020 campaign is now reaching fever pitch. One expects President Trump to demand that Israel PM Netanyahu, who has expressed that he is indebted with U.S. friendship starts paying his debt in currency. This will make Israel an important political issue.

The current trends are likely to continue if President Trump and PM Netanyahu win their respective elections. Israel elections are on 17th September while US elections are just a little more than a year ahead.

For Israel, the greatest fear should be that both Netanyahu and Trump lose their respective elections, or either of them loses the elections. This would result in a change in federal policies, and the relationship between US and Israel would deteriorate.

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