The State of Israel as Middle East’s Silicon Valley

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In a film with Matt Damon – his character looks over the middle east and compares Saudi Arabia with Israel. The reality is that when you look at a country like Saudi Arabia – its main export is oil. Coming in second – they are working on creating a tourism industry – but even that is not breaking even or making a large profit.

The reality is – Israel is a jewel in the Middle East – the people there enjoy some of the greatest freedoms – and it is becoming a hub of technological innovation. The Jewish spirit of entrepreneuralism thrives – and we created the OpenStack Forum to be able to showcase some of Israel’s greatest work.

In this blog I wanted to talk about something that Israel is leading the world in – surprisingly – is cultured meat. If you haven’t heard of this before – cultured meat is meat that is made in a laboratory – without harming animals. This is the wave of the future and something even vegans can get behind – we are actually surprisingly close.

If you watch either of the BBC pieces on this – you will see cultured chicken nuggets and even pieces of beef that taste very close to the real thing. Of course the technology is not there yet – but once it becomes mainstream – having it go into different restaurants is – potentially – a big revenue stream.

However it is not just the cultured meat industry that Israel is proud of – it is also our robotics industry. Because of Israel’s preciptious position near Palestine and other countries – which has led to war in the past – Israel has a large focus on defense – and robotics is potentially a very important industry not just for the world – but Israel also. For this reason you will see many defense related items in Israel.

We hope to see you at the next OpenStack Forum – all though that won’t be held for another 3 years – we have taken the site down until then and will resume development.

As part of our site redevelopment we hope to encourage companies to start planning where they will setup their stalls – and also organise talks for the event that would interest the attendees.

As a contributor – we would like to thank George Sten & Co – which you can click here to find out more about. They have been instrumental in helping us organise the space for this event early on – and they handle contractual agreements for a lot of the companies that are hosting here.

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